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Algena Moisturising Cream For Sensitive Skin

A specially formulated day cream for sensitive skin, prone to dryness, irritation and redness. Enriched with Liftonin®-Xpress, Complex Rosacea and Grape Seed oil, the cream provides intense hydration and nourishment.

What's Inside Our Sensitive Day Cream?

Let's have a look at the active ingredients


Liftonin®-Xpress, derived from red algae, is a rich source of microelements vital for optimal skin nourishment and regeneration.

Complex Rosacea®

Complex Rosacea, a botanical mixture containing Arnica Montana flower extract, Cypress berries, Malt and Salomon’s seal, act to improve skin microcirculation and regenerate irritated skin.

Olive Squalene

Olive squalene, naturally derived from olive oil, has excellent emollient properties. It's main function is to maintain the hydrolipid protective barrier of the dry and sensitive skin.

Panthenol Pro Vitamin B5

Panthenol is also known as pro-vitamin B5, frequently used in cosmetic products. It has a soothing and calming effects on the irritated skin, stimulates epithelisation, moisturises and helps heal minor wounds.

Who is our Sensitive Day Cream for?


Sensitive skin care

For anyone with sensitve skin looking to hydrate, nourish or soothe the sensitive skin while have their skin barrier function restored.

For Rosacea-prone skin care

With the help of botanical complex Rosacea our Algena Day cream for senstive skin can help in alleviating Rosacea skin problems

How to use our Sensitive Day Cream?

Apply Algena Day Cream For Sensitive Skin to a cleansed face and neck area, once daily. Store at room temperature, between 15-25 ⁰C.

Customer's Success Stories

See what our loyal customers say about
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This day cream is miraculous. I have tried many creams in the past, but did not come across a similar one. It has a mild and pleasant scent, my skin is glowing!
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.I have tried Algena day cream for sensitive skin. I’d like to thank you for such a lovely cream, it suits my skin well. I have had no irritation or redness since I’ve used it.
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This cream is specially formulated day cream suitable for sensitive skin, prone to dryness, irritation and redness. Since using this cream I’ve noticed my skin feeling and looking a lot healthier.
Emma, Northern Ireland

Missions & Values

Made In The UK

Our products are proudly made in the UK in the manufacturing facility located in a new, purposely built industrial premises. Set up with the latest equipment for cosmetics production, supported with our in- house expertise, we create products with extraordinary characteristics.

Cruelty Free

We are couscious of our utmost responsibility to the environement and the world around us. With that philosophy at our core, we never have and never will test any of our products on animals.


We source ingredients sustainably and develop, produce and package our products with a focus on environmental responsibility, to create sustainably sourced nature-inspired products that balance health, environment, and sustainability to bring out the best in you.

Dermatologically Tested

Formulated using active ingredients with clinically proven effects, our products are tailor made to suit every skin type. None of our fomulas contains paraben, parafins or petrolatum. Our products are dermatologically tested to ensure no skin irritation is caused.

Natural Ingredient

We source naturally derived ingredients of the latest generations and use them in our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products should I use for dry and sensitive skin?

Dry and sensitive skin is a common complaint, especially during winter months. One size does not fit all, so you might need to try several products before you find the one that suits your skin. Choose products that are labeled 'for sensitive skin' as this is the reassurance that the product is dermatologically tested via extended test, to check for any skin irritation. A good emollient cream, enriched with components such as allantoin, bisabolol, panthenol or additional complex can help. Establishing a regular skin routine helps too.

My skin is hypersensitive. What skin care do you recommend?

Hypersensitive skin or very sensitive skin is a common skin condition characterized by dry skin, irritation, redness (often caused by inflammation) or even eczema. There are many different triggers that can cause a reaction of the hypersensitive skin, so it would be a good idea to keep a diary in order to identify those and avoid them. Use skin care products labelled 'for sensitive skin' as they are dermatologically tested and proven not to cause any skin irritation. Establish a regular skincare routine using carefully selected products. Choose products with good emollient properties, enriched with ingredients such as alantoin, bisabolol or panthenol, that will soothe and regenerate irritated skin.

How to treat rosacea prone skin?

Rosacea cuperosum is a skin condition causing redness accompanied by visible blood vessels commonly shown on the face. It can be caused by stress, hormonal changes or hereditary (genetics). In its' acute phases it is recommended to use mild and gentle skincare products adequate for sensitive and rosacea prone skin. These will hydrate the skin and prevent the formation of the new blood vessels. Keep the diary of the factors that trigger rosacea and try to avoid these as much as you can. Some of the common triggers are: sunlight, heat, stress, alcohol and spicy foods.

How to take care of eczema prone skin?

Firstly, try to identify what triggers the eczema episode. Some triggering factors include stress, use of soaps, detergents or chemicals, cold or windy weather. Once the factors are known, try to eliminate those that are controllable. Use of bath additives and moisturizing products is essential for the daily care of eczema prone skin. Avoid sitting down in baths or showering for prolonged time. Use soap substitute instead of soaps of liquid hand wash that won't irritate or dry out the skin. Moisturize your skin often and use products with good emollients as they will help to restore and strenghten the protective skin barrier. Evening primrose oil is an example of a good emollient plant oil proven to help with eczema prone skin.



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